" प्राणदा पुण्यदा भागीरथी "


Punyada Pahari Haat® Pure Gangajal is water of pious river Bhagirathi.


PahariHaat is approved by all concerned departments of govt. of Uttarakhand to pack and supply shuddh Gangajal.


Our supply is made directly from our Plant near Uttarkashi, ensuring that you are getting the most genuine Gangajal.

for your religious needs | ORDER punyada pahari haat® PURE PAVITRA gangajal.

Is Gangajal holy water?

The Ganga is considered to be most sacred river in India and it originates as river Bhagirathi from Gaumukh Glacier in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state in India. Bhagirathi after it’s confluence with river Alaknanda at Devprayag is known as the Ganga. From ancient traditions, Gangajal (Ganga water) is used for various religious and auspicious works. Whether it’s birth of child or death of a person, everyone is purified with the Gangajal holy water.

Can we drink Gangajal?

If purchasing bottled Gangajal water, make sure that the Packer is licensed by FSSAI, (Our License currently under renewal process, as we have applied for BIS registration) then it is drinkable. Otherwise depends, where it is collected from! In the hill areas, the Gangajal water is considered safe to drink, while in plain areas (where contaminated elements in different forms, get mixed in the river by various other sources) is not found drinkable. One should check the various reports generated by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India, to identify such areas. The best efforts are being made by the Govt. of India (under Namami Gange project) to clean the holy river Ganges. For drinkable Gangajal, one must should check the FSSAI license of the product, and also the location of the manufacturing unit for where it is issued by the authorities. Punyada is shuddh Gangajal packed and supplied by Pahari Haat Uttarakashi.

Why is Gangajal so pure?

The water of holy river Ganga does not get spoiled easily and can be stored for long time. It is thus believed to have a purifying effect and is one of the reasons behind faith on the river as Goddess., who can wash every person’s sins. The scientific reason is that water of river Ganga is naturally having bacteriophages, which do not allow bacterial growth.

Can we keep Gangajal at home?

It is said that keeping Gangajal holy water in the house enhances the happiness and prosperity of the house. Moreover, Gangajal is considered the holy water for daily deity idol bathe, jalabhishek, aryghya, and other Hindu rituals & occasions.

goddess ganga murti

Where to keep Gangajal in house?

The holy Gangajal should be kept in a neat and clean place. It should be kept in pure metallic vessels made of copper, brass, or silver while using for pooja and other auspicious occasions.

What is Gangajal used for?

The holy Gangajal is used for daily deity idol bathe, Shivlingam Jalabhishek, Surya arghy, Tulsi arghy, Janeu Sanskaar, Sprinkling in house or business place / shop, and various other rituals and auspicious occasions.

Where to buy authentic Gangajal?

Only from a Government authorized firm, which is legally licensed to draw, pack, and supply the holy Gangajal. Punyada Gangajal is an authentic, genuine, holy, and pure Gangajal.

Why Genuine Gangajal water is expensive?

The legally licensed / authorized drawer and packer of holy Gangajal has to pay royalty charges, license fee etc to the Government to draw water from river Bhagirathi / Ganga. Also, the plant situated in Gangotri valley has higher running cost in terms of procuring raw material (e.g. bottles, packing material etc.), and then expensive transportation in hilly area. Thus, it makes the authentic, genuine, and pure Gangajal a bit expensive.


The Authentic, Genuine, Pure, Gangajal holy water; packed and supplied from our plant near Uttarkashi in Gangotri Valley.

PahariHaat is approved and authorized by all concerned departments of Govt. of Uttarakhand. Read more…

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