Punyada Pahari Haat® - Authentic Holy Gangajal

Gangajal Water Business

Yes, A Government approved firm pay royalty charges to the Government to draw water from river Bhagirathi. Then license fee to various Government departments, water filtration cost, packing, and transport are investment of a  Gangajal packaging firm.

We can’t call distribution of Gangajal part of ecommerce. It’s just making sure everyone gets a part of our culture at their doorsteps by paying some cost for it.

It saves a lot of time and money of people, who can’t visit themselves to pick Gangajal from holy river Bhagirathi.

Selling holy and pure Gangajal water of river Bhagirathi / Ganges to people, who can’t visit to pick it themselves for their religious needs.

Holy Gangajal is required in every Hindu religious ceremony, auspicious occasions.

Currently it is supplied in 75mL food grade pouches.

gangajal pouch

Pahari Haat  is  approved by all concerned departments of Government of Uttarakhand, authorized to draw, pack, and supply the Gangajal holy water of river Bhagirathi from Gangotri valley. 

Our water filtration plant is located on banks of holy river Bhagirathi near Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand). 

Gangajal is filtered only to remove impurities like dust, sand, and carbon particles, and no chemical is added to keep it’s sacredness intact. 

We make it available under brand name ‘Punyada’ to devotees. FCL / HCL orders from dealers are fulfilled and dispatched  directly from plant location, ensuring that you are getting only the genuine and purest holy Gangajal.

gangajal pouch online

Punyada™ Gangajal can be supplied through Departmental stores, shops near temples, Bhajan Mandalis, Shops in residential areas, Priests etc.

We provide dealership at district level, for which we give you territorial rights, and only one dealer is appointed in small district, however, there is no territorial right in metropolitan cities, capital cities.

We provide you A3 size high quality self-adhesive posters, which shop keepers can put in a proper eye-catching place.

It mentions that holy Gangajal water is available here, with photo of the product.

Dealership Agreement:

Once you get interested in dealership of our product, and we find you eligible for it; You’ll have to enter in and sign a legal agreement with us.

Security Deposit Amount:

For each sector you have deposit a refundable security deposit amount of Rs. Two Lac with us. Which you can claim after one month of cancellation (if we found you in any kind of unethical business dealing of our product) of dealership (Any failed payments shall be deducted from this amount).


There is no credit facility. You have to place your orders timely (Delivery time is 7 to 15 working days, Ex-Uttarkashi).

Minimum order to be placed is 100 cartons (each carton contains 4 pet jars containing 30 pouches of 75mL in each).

Processing your order will start only after your payment credits in our account.