Gangotri Gangajal

gangotri gangajal online

No business / organization is approved / authorized by the Govt. of Uttarakhand to pack and supply Gangajal from Gangotri town. Pilgrims can pick Gangajal without need of any permission from Gangotri. Few firms claim to supply Gangajal directly from Ganggotri, check their credentials.
Many firms are claiming to supply Gangajal of Gaumukh Glacier (the origin point of river Bhagirathi / Ganges) – that too is misleading. Gaumukh is 18 km trek (each side) from Gangotri, and one need permit from Govt of Uttarakhand, even to trek there, so picking Gangajal for business is not possible.
Now, few firms are approved and authorized by the Dept of Irrigation of Govt of Uttarakhand to draw water from river Bhagirathi to supply it commercially; but not all of them are registered with Department of Industry (which is the very first requirement to do business in Uttarakhand), Pollution Department, and various other departments.
Beware, of the fake claims.
PahariHaat is duly approved and authorized by all concerned departments of Govt of Uttarakhand to draw, pack, and supply holy Gangajal of piour river Bhagirathi. We have our plant near Uttarkashi in Gangotri valley.

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